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Say hi to Fahad A. (Ethan H.'s BFF)

Munson Ethan

Meet our amazing staff

...and then there was, Munson (Best dog EVER)

Munson is an English bulldog. He comes from WRINKLEBULLIES kennels in Dallas, TX. His father was a stud and his mother a bitch. He was originally brought to our home as a husband for our other bulldog, Gretchen Marie, however, became Daddy's little boy. (So much so that the company is named after him.)


When he is not lounging by the pool, he enjoys eating lawn furniture, pushing people, and sniffing butts. He enjoys snacks and making people smile. Munson truly is the BEST DOG EVER!

Meet Ethan H. (Fahad A.'s BFF)

Ethan is a native of Belton, TX. The youngest of a bunch of siblings. He is cool, but I can assure you his older brother Josh is much cooler.


He enjoys hanging out with friends and playing his brand spankin’ new XBOX one. His best friend Fahad also works at Munson's.


Ethan is fun to be around and can crack jokes just as well as he can take them. He loves his job. It is not uncommon to hear Ethan singing along with the shop music or dancing around customers.


More amazing peeps:

• Chris

• Wanda

• Spike

• Rusty

• Ray

• Joe

• Madd


Fahad is yet another young product of the great city of Belton, TX. He is very close with his family. His parents are immigrants of Pakistan and have been successful in their pursuit of the "American Dream". This has shaped Fahad's values and undeniable work ethic. He is a full time student, working towards becoming a petroleum engineer.


When not getting numbers from the ladies at work or going to school, he enjoys working out and playing sports. His best friend is Ethan who also works at Munson's. Fahad's knowledge of all things cool makes him an invaluable asset.

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